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High Quality API 5L X42 X52 X56 X60 X65 X70 Pipe

API 5L Grade B Seamless Pipes, High Quality API 5L GR. B Welded/ERW Carbon Steel Pipes, API 5L Line Pipes, API 5L Grade B PSL1 Sour Service Line Pipes, API 5L GR. B, X65/ X60/ X70 / X52 Pipes, ASTM A335 P5, P9, P11, P22, P91 Chrome Moly Pipe Suppliers.

API 5L X42 5L X52 5L X56 5L X60 5L X65 5L X70

API 5L Pipe The "Universal" Steel Quality for Structural and Linepipe Applications

-50° to +400° Celsius • Welded and Seamless Pipe

API 5L Pipe is suitable for conveying Gas, Water and Oil in both Oil and Natural Gas industries. A High Yield steel for Offshore Structural purposes, the X signifies the Minimum Yield Strength in 000's PSI.

Panch Ratna Extrusion - one of the world's largest stock holders of API 5LX - Panch Ratna Extrusion, supplies a full range of API 5L X Grades to the Oil & Gas industry. With many years in the industry and a wide area of Technical Expertise, We can assist in identifying the exact product needed to meet any requirement. An ISO 9001 certified company, we combine our product knowledge, Project Management, and order expediting into a top notch experience for each and Every Delivery.

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API 5L Pipes

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Carbon Steel Pipes and Tubes

Genuine Stockholder of ASTM A106 Grade B Pipe, ASTM A106 Grade C Pipe, ASTM A53 Grade B Pipe, ASTM A333 Grade 3 Pipe, ASTM A333 Grade 6 Pipe, ASTM A334 Grade 1 Tube, ASTM A334 Grade 6 Tube, ASTM A179 Tube, ASTM A192, ASTM A210 A1 Tube, ASTM A210 C Tube, ASTM A671 CC60 Pipe, A671 CC65 Pipe, A671 CC70 Pipe, A672 B60 Pipe, A672 B65 Pipe, A672 B70 Pipe

Chrome Moly Alloy Steel Pipes and Tubes

Ready Stock Inventory of A335 Grade P5 Pipe, A335 Grade P9, A335 Grade P11 Pipe, A335 Grade P22, A335 Grade P91 Pipe, A213 Grade T5 Pipe, A213 Grade T9 Pipe, A213 Grade T11 Pipe, A213 Grade T22 Pipe, A213 Grade T91 Pipe, A691 Grade 1-1/4CR Pipe, ASTM A691 Grade 2-1/4CR Pipe, A691 Grade 5CR Pipe, A691 Grade 9CR Pipe, A691 Grade 91 Pipe

Stainless Steel Pipes and Tubes

High Standard Manufacturer of 304 StainlesAPI 5L Grade B PSL2s Steel Pipe, 304L Stainless Steel Pipe, 304H Stainless Steel Pipe, 310s Stainless Steel Pipe, 316 Stainless Steel Pipe, 316L Stainless Steel Pipe, 316H Stainless Steel Pipe, 317L Stainless Steel Pipe, 321 Stainless Steel Pipe, 347 Stainless Steel Pipe, 904L Stainless Steel Pipe, ASTM A358 304, ASTM A358 304L Pipe, ASTM A358 304H, ASTM A358 310s Pipe, ASTM A358 316 Pipe, ASTM A358 316L Pipe, ASTM A358 321 Pipe, ASTM A358 347 Pipe

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High Nickel Alloy Pipes and Tubes

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Available Best Discount and Offer on API 5L Grade B PSL1, API 5L Grade B PSL2, API 5L X42 Pipes, API 5L X42 PSL2 Pipes, API 5L X46 Pipes, API 5L X46 PSL2 Pipes, API 5L X52 Pipes, API 5L X52 PSL2 Pipes, API 5L X56 Pipes, API 5L X56 PSL2 Pipes, API 5L X60 Pipes, API 5L X60 PSL2 Pipes, API 5L X65 Pipes, API 5L X65 PSL2 Pipes, ASTM A671 CC60 Pipe, A671 CC65 Pipe, A671 CC70 Pipe, A672 B60 Pipe, A672 B65 Pipe, A672 B70 Pipe ASTM A333 Grade 6 Pipe

Why to Choose Panch Ratna Extrusion, for your Pipe Requirement ?

Pipe and Tubes are Core Products

What is Pipe / Tube ?

A Pipe is a tubular section or hollow cylinder, usually but not necessarily of circular cross-section, used mainly to convey substances which can flow - liquids and gases (fluids), slurries, powders, masses of small solids. It can also be used for structural applications; hollow pipe is far stronger per unit weight than solid members.

In common usage the words pipe and tube are usually interchangeable, but in industry and engineering, the terms are uniquely defined. Depending on the applicable standard to which it is manufactured, pipe is generally specified by a nominal diameter with a constant outside diameter (OD) and a schedule that defines the thickness. Tube is most often specified by the OD and wall thickness, but may be specified by any two of OD, inside diameter (ID), and wall thickness. Pipe is generally manufactured to one of several international and national industrial standards.[1] While similar standards exist for specific industry application tubing, tube is often made to custom sizes and a broader range of diameters and tolerances. Many industrial and government standards exist for the production of pipe and tubing. The term "tube" is also commonly applied to non-cylindrical sections, i.e., square or rectangular tubing. In general, "pipe" is the more common term in most of the world, whereas "tube" is more widely used in the United States.

There are three processes for metallic pipe manufacture. Centrifugal casting of hot alloyed metal is one of the most prominent processes. Ductile iron pipes are generally manufactured in such a fashion. Seamless (SMLS) pipe is formed by drawing a solid billet over a piercing rod to create the hollow shell. Seamless pipe withstands pressure better than other types, and is often more easily available than welded pipe. Welded (also Electric Resistance Welded ("ERW"), and Electric Fusion Welded ("EFW")) pipe is formed by rolling plate and welding the seam. The weld flash can be removed from the outside or inside surfaces using a scarfing blade. The weld zone can also be heat treated to make the seamless visible. Welded pipe often has tighter dimensional tolerances than seamless, and can be cheaper if manufactured in the same quantities. Large-diameter pipe (25 centimetres (10 in) or greater) may be ERW, EFW or Submerged Arc Welded ("SAW") pipe.

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